• Irene Arefeva

Giving is a way of living

Updated: Oct 16

Year 2020 is very different; you must have been noticed that and we at Skin Coach see a lot of stress coming from our clients. Losing a job, becoming more distant from your friends and family, not allowing travelling. All these things can bring a drop or the whole ocean of depression.

But… is there anything good happened? And yes, I think it did, it brought all of us together. Suddenly we have time to think about ourselves, our relationship, future and goals. Somebody came up with a brilliant idea for business, someone visited their relatives they haven’t seen for a while. There are lots of good and bad I am sure, but we want to concentrate on positive things and bring a good spirit to our communities.

Well I wanted to play my role in this situation and get us all together, so we can do something good for those who needs it. There is a saying “sharing is caring” but I will rephrase it “giving is a way of living”.

I want to offer you to make one woman that you think is great and she deserved to get a pampering session in our clinic. Skin Coach Signature Treatment for that woman is on us.

I am sure everyone has someone in mind. Please join us to make a difference in someone’s day or maybe even life.

Maybe she is a mother that raising 3 kids and working and doing anything to make those kids great. Maybe she is and entrepreneur who is fighting for a place in this busy and competitive world, or maybe she is someone sweet and she is great in helping other that she deserved something sweet in return.

We want to do it every month starting today!

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Your Skin Coach

Conditions applied:

  1. New clients only

  2. Appointment has to be book for a month of nomination

  3. The treatment includes pampering facial only.

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