SPF or NOT SPF? Not even a question!

Updated: Jul 19

I guess asking to wear SPF has become as nagging idea as a mother asking a teenager to clean the room. But there is some serious concern for your wellbeing in both cases!

if you are not wearing a cream with broad spectrum SPF, you need to accept the idea of accelerated aging. But wait, aren’t we all trying to slow down the visible signs of the flight of time? I will not throw those scary words at you like dark spots, wrinkles, sagging, sun damage, skin cancer...but consider this, that any treatment you do is wasted money, if the effect of it is not protected by wearing SPF. It’s same as fully furnished house without a roof, where all the beautiful furniture and carpets are exposed to rain, wind and snow...

And then, of course, the overload with free radicals! Scary, right?!

Don’t be afraid of wearing SPF, be afraid of not having the one you love, and the one you just can’t enjoy a day without!

Your aesthetician will select the one that will work with your skin condition, maintenance protocol and life style.

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