• Irene Arefeva

Laser Hair Removal. How to schedule appointments and get ready for Summer!

Laser Hair Removal is an amazing innovation, it makes live easier without unwanted hair, that is a dream for many women, and men of course. The problem with laser is that you have to be serious about it and choose certified and experience aesthetician. On top of that you need to get prepared for treatments, wait certain time in between treatments, so your skin is ready for next one, we recommend 6 week. And finally to reach a result you need to go through minimum of 6 sessions.

To help you with planning and scheduling appointments and do it right we will be posting reminders for you every 2 weeks with an update on how many treatments left until July, normally this is when we get SUN full time.

Also, you could download a spreadsheet 👇 that is very convenient to use for planning Laser Hair Removal Treatments. Download it and use it in your advantage.

Laser Hair Removal Appointment Calculato
Download • 23KB

I hope it was helpful and we are looking forward to seeing you!

With love

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