Face and Body Treatments

Every treatment you receive in our clinic is customised for your skin needs at the time of your appointment, as well as represents an integral part in the overall skin improvement plan that was designed for you during Skin Analysis visit (link to that page).


Please make sure to inform your skin coach of any changes to your skin routine or in your life, that may affect your protocol. When in doubt, ask us! Safety of your treatments is a collaborative effort!

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Skin Coach Signature Treatment

Duration 1.5-2 hrs

Cost $160


Everything your skin needs to reach the optimal result. This is our most comprehensive and elaborate treatment designed to optimize your skin functions.



Dermaplaning.  Smooothing and Complexion Blending Treatment

Duration 1-1.5 hrs

Cost $155


This treatment must be prescribed by your skin coach. Advanced exfoliating treatment using a special blade to reveal a fresher, younger and smoother looking skin. For the optimal skin improvement, this treatment is combined with decongesting protocol, advanced active ingredients boosting your skin’s natural rejuvenation, and an appropriate mask.






Enzyme Refreshing Treatment

Duration 1-1.5 hrs

Cost $155


This treatment is designed for sensitized, compromised and most delicate skin in need of the gentle approach to boost its healing and recovery. Enzymes are selected individually to match the individual needs and concerns.

Level 1 or 2 is selected by your service provider.



Back Treatment

Duration 1.5-2 hours

Cost $210


This treatment is designed for those suffering from back acne, sweat breakouts, pressure breakouts and predisposition to clogging.

Treatment protocol is selected individually to address the maximum of issues, but multiple sessions are required for long lasting result. In some cases regular treatments will be prescribed to avoid reoccurrence.