Advanced Anti-Aging Treatments

Custom Blend Chemical Peel

Duration 45min-1.5 hours


Effective part of the overall skin improvement journey, helping with uneven complexion, pigmentation, wrinkles, pore size, acne, hyperkeratosis, dryness and many other unwanted conditions.   


Levels I, II, or III will be prescribed individually during a consultation. Each level has its own benefits, limitations, and recovery protocols. Following your pre- and post- care will ensure safety and efficacy of each procedure. Multiple treatments will be required to achieve the desired goal.



Microneedling, Skin Coach Exclusive Protocol

Duration 2 hours

$299 (1 treatment)

$750 (package of 3)

Microneedling combined with Cutera Laser Genesis Skin Tightening Treatment

$498 (1 set of treatments)

$1250 ( set of 3 treatments)





This unique protocol is designed with the skin biology and new advanced technologies in mind to fight wrinkles, sagging, enlarged pores, thinning of the skin matrix, acne scars, surgical scars, stretch marks etc. Microneedling treatments allow us to recharge collagenases and stimulate visible improvements in our skin appearance long term.


For more dramatic long lasting results we’ve been successfully combining the collagen stimulating power of Cutera Laser Genesis and resurfacing benefits of Microneedling.

This combination is strongly recommended for those correcting scarring, deeper lines, elastosis, or more significant matrix thinning.


Ayurvedic Brightening Treatment

Duration 1.5 hours

$185 (1 treatment)

$ 480 (3 treatmets)

$ 690 (5 treatments)





Perfect treatment for the winter months to reverse the pigment patching aggravated by the hot sunny summer days. Developed by Roccoco Botanicals in Australia, this protocol is that extra effort needed in the fight to lift the stubborn pigment and brighten melasma. Enzymes, pigment inhibiting plant extracts, antioxidants, deep hydration, and multiple wavelength LED lamp, Celluma, reveal more even-toned, younger looking skin hidden under the shadows of chronic pigmentation. 

The treatment must be prescribed by your skin coach. A set of 3-5 is recommended to achieve the desired results.



CUTERA XEO Genesis Skin Tightening Treatment

Duration: 1 -1.5 hr

$279 (1 treatment)

$780 (3 treatments)

$1150 (5 treatments)




This is the rejuvenation at the deepest skin level. The treatment efficacy comes from affecting fibroblasts and stimulating them to increase the production of collagen and elastin without causing any superficial damage or social downtime. Designed for correcting visible signs of aging such as sagging, wrinkles, lack of energy in the skin, dull complexion, acne scars, skin atrophy, dehydration. It can be used as an individual series of refresher treatments or in combination with other protocols offered by Skin Coach to get even more dramatic results. It is a great boost treatment as a part of your overall skin maintenance protocol, before a special event or a photoshoot.

The treatment must be prescribed by your skin coach. A set of 3-5 is recommended to achieve the desired results