Acne and Oncology

Introduction to Acne Maintenance

Duration 1.5 - 2 hours


As always, we take our time to get to know the skin, our patients’ skin maintenance habits and life style choices affecting the development of the condition. Next step is always education, which is on-going, since there is so much to learn and adapt to as we live lives, and keep moving from one stage to another. After the analysis is complete, our patients are presented with the clear plan of action involving in-clinic treatments, home maintenance, and healthy skin inspired life style choices. Follow-up appointments and continuous supervision by the assigned skin coach will ensure the success of this commitment.



Oncology Aesthetics and Skin Pathology Treatments


Oncology Aesthetics treatments are designed and provided by Irene Arefeva, Certified Oncology Aesthetician. Each treatment is customised to alleviate skin discomfort caused by chemo therapy, radiation therapy, or impaired recovery processes due to combination therapy. Let us help you take a break from dry irritated skin. Your safety is our main priority. Make sure that you are visiting Skin Coach Clinic when it is deemed safe by your doctor to appear in public.

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