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We reconnect you with your skin and educate on what

it needs to function

to its most potential.


- Skin Advocate-

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The message from Irene


Skin Coach is my passion and lifestyle based on education, extensive research, practice, and experience. 


I know that finding a solution to any of your skin issues gets overwhelming these days. “Dr. Google” provides huge amount of conflicting information, many of you rely on it for self-diagnosis of skin conditions, and treatment plans. Looking for an immediate result, going after unsupported promises, and solutions that catered to anyone can typically lead to serious skin problems later on. Correcting wrong harmful protocols is a huge part of what I do, unfortunately.


Every skin is beautiful when it is taken care of properly. From cleansing to using devices can be amazing or damaging, and skin can only take so much abuse and blame, before it starts defending itself. But we can create an amazing, productive and a very beneficial alliance with your skin to realize its true potential, just let me show you how. 

Irene Arefeva

Skin Advocate


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